Mad Max fans have their own Burning Man - and it's awesome

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Jul 11, 2015, 7:52 PM EDT (Updated)

Do you think the world of Mad Max looks like a great place to visit? Do you play the videogames Borderlands and Fallout for their fashion tips? Do you look at a rusty car and have an urge to replace the hood ornament with a corpse? If so, Wasteland Weekend is the vacation for you.

As Pennsic War is for people who enjoy medieval recreation and Burning Man is for people who enjoy LSD and ecstasy, Wasteland Weekend is a fun-filled four-day event for people who want to experience life after life as we know it. 

Attendees have been Wasteland Weekending since 2010, which means they dress down everything from their cars to their clothes. Events include armored combat, robot wars, burlesque shows, bounty hunting, fire dancing and live death metal concerts. 

And unlike some post-apocalyptic worlds (we’re look at YOU, The Walking Dead), Wastelanders have their own radio station—a necessary tool for survival.

A gritty authenticity is required, as is a sense of humor: They actually have a football-like game where the “ball” is a dog’s skull, a throwback to the so-bad-it’s-good 1989 Rutger Hauer movie The Blood of Heroes

Wasteland Weekend takes place Sept. 24-27, 2015, in California City, Calif. Make your plans now, because even though it's too late for civilization, it's not too late to register.

Note: I bet every bottle cap I own that at this year’s event, at least one guitarist will arrive strapped to the front of a car.

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