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Savior or tyrant? George Miller talks Furiosa's hypothetical future

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Aug 14, 2020, 10:15 PM EDT

What lies ahead for Mad Max: Fury Road’s Imperator Furiosa? Director George Miller isn’t entirely sure yet.

The hero of the beloved 2015 film, played by Charlize Theron, may have an interesting future in the cards after killing Immortan Joe and taking control of his oppressive Citadel. Speaking to MTV's Josh Horowitz during a one-on-one for this weekend's Metaverse convention, the 75-year-old Australian director admitted that he’s given it some thought as to what lies ahead. And much like video games in the 2010s, there are essentially Good and Bad endings for the character.

“There’s two ways to go,” Miller says. “One is utopian ... I imagined the first thing she’d do in line with that is go up and release the water.” He likened it to the post-apocalyptic version of the New Deal.

However, Miller also admits that the utopia route “isn’t an interesting story,” at least in his eyes. On the other end of the spectrum, he thinks that she could also just as equally become a tyrant in the vein of Immortan Joe. 

Using acclaimed author Joseph Campbell and general history as a reference point, Miller believes the general rhythm of similar stories would occur in the Mad Max universe. “Today’s hero becomes tomorrow’s tyrant. The hero is the agent of change. ... You become the dogma and basically then you have to protect it. That tends to be the rhythm of these things.”

Don’t worry about having to hate Furiosa in a future film, however — this was purely a thought exercise, and Miller ultimately ended up talking himself out of that possibility. “I think she’s too smart to fall into that trap. She’s already seen it with Immortan Joe.”

Whatever route ends up being taken, it will likely be some time before we catch up with Furiosa in the present day. The next film to feature her is said to be a prequel that shows how she became the hardened warrior we first saw in Fury Road. But after that, who’s to say?

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(via The Hollywood Reporter)