Mad about FlashForward's 4-month hiatus? You're not alone

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

The biggest surprise of last night's episode of ABC's FlashForward was the revelation that the show would not be back until March. Until now, FlashForward had been presumed to run straight through April 29 and a May season finale, excepting of course a Christmas rerun break. The show's producers indicated that the April 29 episode would coincide with the date of the show's future visions.

TheWrap.com reports that ABC is just moving the show out of the way of the Winter Olympics, but just doing the math means there's a whole lot less story to tell between March 4 and April 29. (The network has also set a firm date for the return of V: March 30.)

TVguide.com reports that ABC simply plans to air the show without repeats leading up to the finale. Even though ABC ordered a full season, ratings have declined week to week, and the writers took a recent hiatus.

Whatever the reason, this surprise delay doesn't make us feel all warm and fuzzy, especially given the midseason finale's action-packed cliffhanger.

We're not alone. Fans responding to reports on news forums agree. Here are some of the choicest protests we've collected from angry posters, as originally posted:

♦Roundybout at ABC.com: "Just when you put out this really really great episode... You better have some kind of publicity push with a 4 month hiatus."

♦Monkey65 at TVguide.com: "Haven't the networks learned that a months-long hiatus isn't conducive to retaining viewers?"

♦Don J at TVbythenumbers.com: "I guess noone learned their lessons from Jericho in Fall 2006 when it finished episode 11 with the ratings at an all-time high... and then took a 3 month break and came back with the ratings sliced in half."

♦Bubblewocky at Losttv-forum.com: "Eww..."

♦Anonymous at Zap2it.com: "i seriously am rooting for abc to fail now. i've had it."

♦Kitty at OMG.yahoo.com: "When I saw it won't be back until MARCH 2010 I WAS PISSED!!! uggggh!"

♦The Good Doctor, In Name Only at THRfeed.com: "With the current drought of good television, ABC decides that they would rather take what little decent fare there was on the table, and leave us with the unsatisfying scraps of ... Olympics..."

♦onuclarinet at Breakingnews.com's Twitter feed: "I hate it that FlashForward isn't coming back until MARCH!! Ahhh! Why must ABC do this to me!"

How do you feel about the four-month hiatus?

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