Mads Mikkelsen could be Doctor Strange's next villain

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Aug 29, 2015, 7:50 PM EDT (Updated)

We're getting closer and closer principal photography on Doctor Strange, the Marvel Studios film that will finally dive into the magical and mystical realms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So far, we know that Scott Derrickson will direct the film, from a script by Jon Spaihts, and that Benedict Cumberbatch will have the title role, while Tilda Swinton and Chiwetel Ejiofor will co-star as The Ancient One and Baron Mordo, respectively.

 In the comics, Mordo is a fellow student of The Ancient One, who eventually becomes a Doctor Strange nemesis. We don't yet know how far that story will progress in the initial film, but now it seems another villain has surfaced in the saga of Stephen Strange, namely Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen.

Variety reports that Mikkelsen is in "early talks" to play a villain in Doctor Strange, and that an offer for the star will arrive "shortly." Marvel's not commenting on who Mikkelsen might play, but the report notes that Mikkelsen is set to be "one of the villains" in the film. That could mean he's Nightmare, or Dormammu, or any number of other supernatural foes Strange has battled. For the moment, we just don't know.

What we do know is that, through performances in everything from Hannibal to Casino Royale, Mikkelsen has established himself as an actor who's more than adept at playing villains. Whatever role he might play in this film, he's clearly the kind of star who'll rise to the occasion.

Doctor Strange arrives Nov. 4, 2016.

(Via Variety)