Magic For Humans

Netflix's Magic for Humans conjures good-natured illusions in first trailer

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Aug 10, 2018

Netflix isn’t just a home for stand-up comedy specials and sitcoms that you’ve never heard of — it’s also been expanding into the world of magic and illusion for quite some time. That makes sense, because the recorded spectacle of magic is the same kind of date-night entertainment that the streaming service traffics in.

So when the upcoming street magician show Magic for Humans released its first trailer, we were already pretty excited.

Check it out:

Basically, this looks like a little compilation of street magic reaction videos all helmed by Justin Willman, whose amiability hopes to bolster the series.

He does close-up magic, transmogrifying money, summoning spiders, and making basically anything disappear — all with a joke and a smile. Think one of those late-night talk shows’ “man on the street” segments, but with more vanishing.

Magic for Humans launches on Aug. 17.

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