Vraska's Stoneglare
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Magic: The Gathering teases all-new Ravnica Planeswalker decks - take an exclusive look at the cards!

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:17 AM EDT (Updated)

If you’ve ever played a trading card game, you and the friend/stranger/enemy you battled in cardboard combat (who, let’s be honest, was likely a cheater) owe a serious debt to Magic: The Gathering.

The golden standard for card games continues celebrating its 25th year of tapping, untapping, top-decking, and burning out opponents with a few new decks that make it easy for beginners to hop into the swords-n-sorcery world while giving experts all the tools they need to make a delightfully evil custom deck. And lucky you, SYFY WIRE has a first look at one of them.

These decks are themed to the Guilds of Ravnica (the vying factions of one of Magic’s great cities), including a mighty Planeswalker card that the deck lives or dies by. It’s the card you’re trying to get, use, and hopefully win with. The one we’re looking at today contains Vraska.

Vraska is a murderous gorgon that’s as ice-cold as they come and adept at revenge. She was banished, took over a pirate crew, and is back in Ravnica -- ready to take the city by swarm, ahem, storm.

Her attendants are these cool mossy green-black zombies that can help players get some health back while the Planeswalker herself can bestow menace, destroy creatures at will, and gain power based on your fallen friends. Awesome.

Take a look at the art and cards in the gallery below and let us know just what you think of this tricky deck before playing it this fall.

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