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Magical Enchanted 2 news: Amy Adams says 'we're working on it'

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Jul 6, 2018, 9:30 PM EDT

It's been over 10 years since Disney's live-action/animation hybrid musical Enchanted first charmed the world. And while a sequel has seemingly been in the works, it's been a spell since we've heard anything about it. But now star Amy Adams may have some magical news for fans.

The Oscar winner (for Arrival) has had plenty of success since she first appeared as a Disney princess in Enchanted almost 11 years ago, but her role as Giselle is one that continues to resonate. As such, in an appearance on The Talk to promote her new HBO series Sharp Objects, Adams was asked if she's up for a sequel to the 2007 film.

Adams responded by saying: "I am absolutely up for that. We're working on it -- so hopefully."

Check out the clip below:

According to Deadline, a sequel called Disenchanted has been in the works since 2014, but updates were few and far between until earlier this year, when producer Adam Shankman told a Television Critics Association panel that the script was almost done and that they'd be working on the music next. So for fans of Enchanted, Adams' latest comments are continued movement in the right direction.

Enchanted was released in 2007 and starred Adams as Giselle, a princess who is sent to live in the "real world" by an evil queen (Susan Sarandon) right after meeting her prince (James Marsden). When she arrives in New York City, she stumbles upon a divorce attorney (Patrick Dempsey) and brings a delightful amount of positivity and singing into his life.

Let's all throw some magic vibes out there and hope this sequel finally comes to fruition in the near future.

(via Deadline)