Magneto goes Lady Gaga in hilarious 'Born This Way' parody video

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

"It doesn't matter if you love men ... or X-M-E-N."  That's how this brilliant parody of Lady Gaga's recent anthem begins.  It only gets better from there.

It's serendipitous that X-Men: First Class would be released around the same time as Gaga's "Born this Way." The song about accepting who you are instead of trying to fit into society unintentionally cuts to the core of what X-Men as a series is all about. Mutants with superpowers who are hunted down by normal people who are scared of what they don't understand? It's not hard to see the metaphor there.

The parody, which shows a dude dressed as Magneto, is pitch-perfect, with references to Banshee, Beast, Wolverine and more. Weird Al probably wishes he came up with this. The best part, though, is hopefully yet to come. According to the video's author, if the tune gets enough fan support, he'll make a full music video.

Can we make a few suggestions? We're thinking of something in the style of Glee , with lots of choreographed dancing mixed with personal asides for as many mutants as you can squeeze in. Professor X, Magneto, Banshee, Wolverine, Beast, Mystique and even Pyro. Like The Muppets Take Manhattan, what this video needs is more frogs and dogs and chickens and things. Everything but the kitchen sink. Unless the sink has mutant powers, in which case, bring it along, too.