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Maisie WIlliams inks an Arya Stark memento with Game of Thrones-inspired tattoo

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Jul 23, 2018, 1:27 PM EDT

Game of Thrones and words on the page (or, in this case, the body) go together like Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo. Perhaps that’s only natural for a hit franchise based on the prolific George R.R. Martin’s series of A Song of Fire and Ice novels.

Now GoT star Maisie Williams will be carrying two of the series’ most famous little words wherever she goes, thanks to the fresh ink she previewed on Instagram, which social media fans quickly picked up on. “[G]uess who is getting ‘No One’ tattoo,” Williams hinted.

The “no one” reminder is a callback to the House of Black and White’s state of mind motto that Arya Stark, Williams’ character, picks up during her training as an assassin. It’s also not Williams’ first GoT-inspired tattoo.

Back in 2016, Williams and co-star Sophie Turner, who plays Arya’s on-screen sister as Sansa Stark, went in for matching tattoos that also featured a simple line of text: “07.08.09” — the date both actors booked their roles on the show. Turner also recently added another GoT tattoo: the sigil of the House Stark direwolf above the words “The pack survives.”

From shared tattoo stories to the recent real-life marriage of GoT stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, it’s clear the show has woven itself deeply into the fabric of many of its cast and crew members’ lives.

With the series approaching its end as the still-unknown premiere date for the eighth and final season nears, we only have one more season to spend with Game of Thrones before coming to that dreaded but inevitable parting of ways. The show’s final season is reportedly set to land at HBO sometime next year.