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Major Game of Thrones set spoiler could spell doom in Season 8

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Feb 1, 2018, 3:03 PM EST

SPOILER WARNING! If you don’t want to know a major plot point of Game of Thrones Season 8, steer clear!

Do you like spoilers, kids? Cause we’ve got a major Game of Thrones Season 8 spoiler brewing. And the creators of the show have no one to blame but themselves for creating such a stir, pyros that they are.

That’s because a giant fire was reportedly seen on the Winterfell set at the Moneyglass estate in Co Antrim, Northern Ireland. As BelfastLive reports, local fire services were called over fears the raging fire was unintentional, but “no action was taken,” and that “it is understood” they were filming “a huge battle scene involving 400 to 500 extras."

If you think all this talk of a raging fire is hyperbole, then have a look at Facebooker Steven McAuley’s video of the scene:

Yeah, when the local fire crew gets called, you know things are blowing up.
As you can see, that’s Winterfell fully a blaze, which can’t be good news for anyone named Stark.

Of course, what good news have any Starks really gotten since Season 1, Episode 1? Still, last we visited Winterfell, Lady Sansa seemed to be getting her house in order, having just done away with that rascal Littlefinger and secured her solidarity with the deadliest Stark of them all, Arya.

Alas, with the Night King riding an undead dragon and leading an army of White Walkers south, the first thing they’ll likely see in all that snow is Winterfell. And we all saw what Viserion did to The Wall

Granted, these are very bright orange flames we see overtaking Winterfell, but as Watchers on the Wall points out, the show could be filming real fire, and then adding in Viserion’s blue breath in post, much like they did by greening up wildfire in Seasons 2 and 6. 

Of course, the Army of the Dead isn’t the only threat to Winterfell, and perhaps Cersei has some wildfire left to throw around. Or perhaps Daenerys learns the truth about Jon Snow’s parentage, feels threatened, and uses her two healthy, fire-breathing dragons to lay Winterfell to ash? 

Who knows how it will all play out, but one thing’s for certain, Winterfell, a castle that has stood for millennia, is going to need a new paint job, at the very least.