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Make your own comic cover with Spider-Man PS4 photo mode

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Sep 1, 2018, 11:41 AM EDT

Peter Parker is ready for his close up in Marvel's Spider-Man PlayStation 4 game. 

Earlier this month, the Spider-Man PS4 game trailer revealed the nonstop action in the game. But now we're getting a look at a new feature. In the upcoming Spider-Man game for PS4 from Insomniac Games, players will be able to use Photo Mode, which is a Day 1 Update, and judging from the recently released trailer there will be a ton of cool features to use when Spidey flies all over New York City fighting crime.

Take a look:

As you can see in the trailer, Photo Mode will have tons of cool features, including the ability to change backgrounds, use various filters, add stickers, and even more. It's no simple screenshot function. There will even be the ability to create a custom comic book cover using action from the game. 

While Photo Mode is an option on many video games, this looks like an impressive use of the feature, with a ton of different variables to play around with while also enjoying playing the game. Whether it's selfies or artistic action shots, there's sure to be plenty of art coming from players when the game is released next week.

Marvel's Spider-Man will be available on PS4 September 7.

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