Makeup legend Tom Savini resurrects original Pinhead for hellish fan event

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Apr 3, 2017, 9:32 AM EDT

Makeup and creature effects master Tom Savini (From Dusk Til Dawn, Creepshow, Planet Terror) has a new trick up his sleeve, and he has such sights to show you.

This time it will be for a special fan event starting in May that will lure you into the steaming torture palace of Hellraiser's Prince of Pain for a rare photo-op descent into the demon's lair. British actor Doug Bradley played Pinhead, the soul-tearing leader of the Cenobites, in eight Hellraiser movies before hanging up his leather and facial studs and reluctantly passing the mantle to Stephan Smith Collins in the terrible shot-on-the cheap sequel from 2011, Hellraiser: Revelations.

Now, via a unique horror event starting next month at Phoenix's Mad Monster Party, fans will be able to experience an unprecedented level of exquisite fear as they get up close and personal with Doug Bradley in his original Pinhead costume and makeup re-created by wacky SFX wizard Tom Savini.

Here's the announcement via Bradley's Facebook page:

We’ve been keeping this quiet for nearly a year now and it feels great to finally let you all in on it!

When fans and show organizers started to ask about the possibility of a Pinhead photo op with Doug a few years back, we dismissed it as an impossibility. Almost nothing relating to Pinhead existed anymore. No makeup. No costume. Not even a life cast. Besides, shaking hands and “posing” for a picture with Pinhead seemed like a silly idea. From Doug’s perspective, if he’s in make-up and costume, he’s in character. “Hi. How are you?’ doesn’t quite trip off The Prince Of Pain’s tongue, does it?The more time went on, the more the questions persisted and the more we talked about it. An idea evolved. If Pinhead can’t enter the fans’ world, how can we bring you into his? If we were to do it, we would want it to stand apart from the rest. It would need to be different. We began to talk about something a little more involved than the photo ops that most fans were used to. We wanted to present an experience and not just a photograph, as close to stepping on set with Doug as Pinhead as we could make it.

We finally made the decision to go forward with our ideas, fully knowing it would be a stressful, expensive, time consuming undertaking. It would have to be coordinated and funded solely by us, but even with that prospect, we would not skimp on details. We hired some of our closest and most talented friends to help us bring it all to life. We can only hope that everyone will be happy with what we’ve been able to accomplish together. We’re still working on some of the final details but this is something we will present to fans for the first time at Mad Monster Party, Arizona in May, 2017.

We hope you can join Doug for this experience.

Stay tuned!!

Check out the promo video for The Pinhead Experience and tell us if you'd lament missing this chance to hang out with a Cenobite.

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