Malcolm McDowell HATED how he killed Captain Kirk in Generations

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Dec 14, 2012

It's a well-known fact that just about every Star Trek fan in the world—make that the universe—hated the way Capt. James T. Kirk, played by William Shatner, met his demise in Star Trek: Generations. And so, it turns out, did the actor who had the "honor" to do the deed himself, Malcolm McDowell.

McDowell, who most of you will know from his electrifying work in A Clockwork Orange and, more recently, NBC's Heroes, got to kill the famous Cap. as Generations' villainous megalomaniacal Dr. Tolian Soran, when so many others before him—like the great Khan Noonien Singh (played by the late Ricardo Montalban)—failed.

In a two-part interview with Star, the actor talked at length about the death of Kirk, and about how much he truly hated how the most famous captain in sci-fi and TV history met his doom, calling his death "paltry," "cheesy" and a "missed opportunity":

Pose this one for me (to the powers that be): If you have—which they had—this icon of American television, why the hell didn't they give him a spectacular death? Why did they give him such a really paltry death? Me shooting the bridge out or some BS whatever it was? They should have sent him off in a glorious fashion, and they didn't. They missed an opportunity.

Yeah, they re-shot. What did they reshoot? It was just as bad as the first one. And they spent several million dollars (on the reshoots). If you're asking me, I thought it was poor, very poor, even the reshoot. They should have seen Shatner off in a big way.

I don't care whose fault it was. Whoever came up with his death at the end, I thought it was really cheesy. I just think the man, whether you like him or not, should have been given a blazing death. And I, course, would have been happy to have supplied that. Look, I just think it was a missed opportunity for this great, iconic figure that everybody loved or everybody loathed. He was one of those great figures that caused dissention and debate and arguments.

Do you agree? Do you think Capt. Kirk's death was one of the most inglorious deaths a hero could get and that the powers that be simply dropped the ball on this one? Or were you entirely satisfied with how Kirk—whether you liked him or not—met his maker?

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