Man arrested for threatening to shoot friend who revealed Star Wars spoilers

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Dec 23, 2015, 3:16 PM EST

After Disney managed to keep the plot under wraps right up to opening day, fans were taking spoilers pretty seriously in the days surrounding the opening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But one guy might have gone a bit too far.

The Missoulian reports that a man in Montana has been arrested and charged for threatening to shoot another man who revealed a subplot from Star Wars: The Force Awakens during an online conversation. Arthur Charles Roy, 18, allegedly sent a photo of himself with a gun to the other young man (who was a school student), threatening that his weapon has a “hair trigger” if he keeps talking spoilers.

Thankfully, nothing actually happened (and the gun in the photo was actually a BB gun), but Roy has been arrested and faces a felony charge of assault with a weapon. Per court documents, Roy is accused of threatening to come to the other person’s school (the school was also placed on lockdown for some time) and shoot him if he didn’t drop the spoiler talk.

Wow. Just, wow. Is it a crap move to talk spoilers around someone who hasn’t seen the movie? Sure, no doubt. The Force Awakens includes some shocking twists and turns that would definitely lose their shock value if some dude on Facebook blew the big reveal. But there’s no doubt this threat took things to a level far beyond anything reasonable. Chill, bro.

Just install that spoiler-free Chrome plugin and stay off Facebook until you’ve seen the movie. It’d be a whole lot safer for everyone.

(Via The Missoulian)