Man dies over creationism

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Dec 14, 2007

A few BABloggees have sent me a note about an argument over evolution and creationism in Australia that led to a fight which resulted in one man stabbing another.

The ironically named Alexander Christian York was convicted of manslaughter after stabbing to death Rudi Boa. They had been arguing over reality versus fantasy, with York taking taking the anti-reality side. It appeared to start innocently enough, with an argument at a bar. It escalated. York claims Boa attacked him, so York used the knife in self-defense.

There are a thousand snarky things I could write here, but remember that a man died. The argument could just as easily have been over coffee versus tea, Macs versus PCs or Mary Ann versus Ginger. But it was on evolution versus creationism, and it led to a death. Take whatever lesson home you like.

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