Man dressed as Superman heroically helps police arrest shoplifter

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Jul 8, 2013, 3:16 PM EDT (Updated)

For one man, dressing like the Man of Steel inspired some true heroics.

24-year-old Luke Junior works as a security guard. He's also a bit of a hero in Sheffield, South Yorks. As a teenager, he earned the nickname Superman when he pulled two men from a car accident.

But that was only the beginning for Junior's super career. While dressed as Superman for a charity fundraiser, he witnessed a thief running out of a nearby shop. That's when Junior leapt into action. He latched onto the thief after the criminal had escaped a number of the shop's workers. Says Junior, "He tried to run away from the manager, so I grabbed him again and he was kicking off. Then I ended up physically restraining him against the window."

The police were quickly on the scene to take the thief away. As the crowd cheered on Junior for his bravery, someone actually cranked up the Superman theme song.

He may not be able to leap tall buildings or shoot heat vision from his eyes, but we think Junior's a proper super man all the same.

(The Telegraph via Neatorama)