Man gets dressed up as Green Lantern. For his wake.

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Feb 18, 2015, 7:03 PM EST (Updated)

My grandmother died a few months back. There was a wake, closed casket. We all said nice things, her brother sat there with a smile on his face as though he'd just won "The Last Sibling to Drop" contest, and then we all convened at a luncheon to get drunk.

Which is all to say that, even at their most ordinary, wakes are still pretty @%$ing weird. So if you're going to cut yourself a big slice of "what-does-it-all-even-mean" pie anyway, why not be creative?

But how to do it? Here's one option:

Fifty-year-old Renato Garcia began dressing like a member of the Lantern Corps during the final weeks of his life after finding a costume in a bag full of donated clothes. According to his sister, Milagros Garcia, "He was always very helpful. You beckoned and he was always there."

Despite the respiratory issues to which he ultimately succumbed, Renato was always there, in brightest day and blackest night. And given his fondness for the costume and his everyday heroism, his family believed it was only right that he be propped upright in his Green Lantern costume for his own wake.

Is that weird? Sure, a little. But if the ultimate result is that his family and friends can continue to see him as a hero even in death, then that seems as worthy a way to be remembered as any.

(via Uproxx)