Real-Life Web Shooter

Man invents real-life web shooter -- just like Spider-Man!

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Apr 17, 2014, 6:02 PM EDT

If you live long enough, you get to see just about everything. So it only makes sense that someone would invent a real-life web shooter eventually.

The web shooter, of course, is one of the iconic elements of Spider-Man. Peter Parker invents devices that attach to his wrists and fire off a sticky substance that he uses to swing from buildings and snare bad guys (yes, we know there are organic versions of the web shooters too, particularly in the Sam Raimi movies, but we won't get into that debate here). It's one of the great comic-book creations, but not something anyone could ever actually build, right?

Well, a fellow in Germany named Patrick Priebe has done just that, and you can watch his video below. While the goop that Peter Parker develops for his webbing is beyond our technology now, Priebe has substituted a tiny coil gun, a laser targeting device and a length of fishing line tipped with a small harpoon, which he can fire at targets and use to drag them back to him. 

It's a pretty nifty piece of work. And who knows what new breakthroughs are around the corner ... maybe webbing isn't that far off. 

Would you like a real-life web shooter? Should Sony and Marvel grab this guy and start selling these things as toys (minus the harpoon, of course)?

(via Slashfilm / Gizmag)