Man spends 2 years building Dalek out of 480,000 matches

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Jun 26, 2015

Doctor Who's deadliest villains The Daleks have finally met their match ... well ... matches anyway. And not thanks to any Time Lord, either, but rather at the hands of Brian Croucher, who spent the last two years building a full-sized extraterrestrial out of 480,000 matches which have been cut, shaped and sanded.

"I did a Dalek because my wife Hazel bet me to do it as a challenge," he told the London Telegraph. "The hardest bit was the little bubbles on the body because they have to be rounded. There are 56 of them and each one had to be built up and then sanded off."

Wish you could have one of your own without having to spend hours each day building it, which even Croucher admits is a "tedious business?" Then you may be in luck, because the 5' 3" extraterrestrial is taking up too much room in Croucher's sitting room.

"I want to sell it," he said. "I'm prepared to listen to offers and sell it to the highest bidder."

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