Man of Steel screenwriter just won't let those Lex Luthor rumors die

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Mar 26, 2013, 1:42 PM EDT

Looks like we won't really know the truth until the movie comes out.

A while back, rumors began swirling that Superman's archnemesis, Lex Luthor, would show up in Zack Snyder's super-reboot Man of Steel. As trailers and other marketing materials emerged, and it became clear that the film would be more about Clark Kent struggling with his abilities and possibly doing battle with Michael Shannon's Zod, those Luthor whispers sort of fell by the wayside. But did those rumors ever really deserve to die?

Maybe, but screenwriter David S. Goyer seems to have his own reasons for keeping it alive. In an interview with I Am Rogue, Goyer was asked why he chose not to include Luthor in the film (early drafts reportedly featured him prominently). This was Goyer's answer:

"I don’t think anyone has ever confirmed that we haven’t included him."

Goyer didn't go into detail, but that remark alone seems to indicate we'll get at least a hint of Luthor in Man of Steel, even if it's just a tease. Maybe Luthor's corporate exploits will be referenced in a Daily Planet headline. Maybe Lois and Clark will walk past a LuthorCorp building. Maybe we'll just get a teaser at the end to set up a Luthor appearance in the sequel. After all, it worked for Batman Begins with the Joker, and Goyer was a collaborator with Christopher Nolan on the Dark Knight trilogy. Or maybe, just maybe, Luthor will get a speaking role, and we'll see how his fascination with Superman begins. All of these things seem like they could happen and not overshadow Man of Steel's main story, right?

So consider the Luthor rumor alive and kicking. We'll find out how viable it is when Man of Steel soars into theaters on June 14.

(I Am Rogue via ScreenRant)