Man of Steel writer reveals 2 scenes that didn't make the cut

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Jun 13, 2013

Though Man of Steel is essentially the same film that writer David Goyer put to paper, the writer has revealed two scenes we won’t be seeing this weekend — because they died on the cutting-room floor.

In an interview with Bleeding Cool, Goyer said the finished version matches up with about 75-80 percent of his original script. But there was one quirky scene with baby Clark Kent that will likely be relegated to the Blu-ray release. Plus there was apparently another massive action set piece they didn’t even bother shooting, because the film is already so cram-packed.

Here’s an excerpt from the chat:

“There was a little scene in which Jonathan and Martha take a baby Kal to a pediatrician because he’s starting to experience these changes. They do a hearing test on him where they’re dialing up these sounds and baby Kal screams and it blows out all the windows. It was a funny scene but after the armageddon on Krypton – originally we went from that to baby Kal to the fishing trawler – it just felt weird. We didn’t need it. Tonally it felt off.

Believe it or not there was another action scene – we didn’t film it. After Zod first announces himself [the Krpytonians] provide a demonstration of their might. They drop Faora into Shanghai and NamEk, who is the big eight foot tall guy who doesn’t speak, they drop him another foreign city.”

Considering the amount of action this flick apparently has, and the amount we’ve at least gleaned from the trailers, we probably didn’t lose much by chopping the early attacks. But we’re a little curious to see this quirky Kal-El scene — even if it doesn’t exactly match the dark tone of the overall film.

What do you think of these two deleted scenes? Do you wish they’d have made the cut?

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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