Man of Steel's Goyer working on new DC-based TV project code-named ‘Krypton'

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Oct 27, 2014

It seems the recent wave of The Flash, Gotham and Constantine were just the beginning for DC’s expanded slate of television projects. Up next? Something called Krypton.

Bleeding Cool has broken a report that David Goyer (Man of Steel, the Dark Knight trilogy) is involved in deep development on a potential television series currently going by the name of Krypton. As any geek will note, that’s the name of Superman’s native alien planet — a place that got a good bit of screen time in the recent, Goyer-penned Man of Steel film.

So what’s the potential series about? We have no clue, and neither does the initial report. The name would suggest this could be a Superman-based prequel series, which is something DC has had success with in recent years via Gotham and Smallville. Or, you know, it could be something completely unrelated. But with Goyer involved, it’d stand to reason this is something legit. He also has a hand in NBC’s new Constantine series.

If this turns out to be a Superman series of some sort, it’d join CBS’s upcoming Supergirl series in tapping into one of DC’s biggest properties. But if this really is a series set on Krypton, it seems like an odd pitch for a television series. Sure, it’s a largely untapped area of the story — but a series set completely on an alien planet could be a tough sell for the average viewer. But as comic fans, we have to admit it could be extremely cool.

Or, you know, it could be something else entirely. Here’s hoping now that word of the development has leaked, some new details won’t be too far behind. What would you want from a Krypton series?

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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