Man taught his son Klingon before he taught him English

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

There are Trekkies, there are Trekkers, then there's this guy: A Minnesota man who decided to teach his son Klingon before he learned English.

Here's how the Minnesota Daily reported it:

With the birth of his son 15 years ago, dedicated linguist d'Armond Speers embarked on the ultimate experiment: He spoke to him only in Klingon—the language of the alien race of Star Trek fame—for the first three years of his life.

"I was interested in the question of whether my son, going through his first language acquisition process, would acquire it like any human language," Speers said. "He was definitely starting to learn it."

Ohhh kaaayy.

Now we're all for avid fandom—heck, we've got a Stargate jacket in the closet—but really? Does this guy seriously want his son to remain a virgin until he's 38?

Speers is now creating applications for a Klingon dictionary for Ultralingua, a dictionary, translation and grammar software company

The software includes a conversational phrases component, featuring audio clips of Lt. Cmdr. Worf (Michael Dorn) from Star Trek: The Next Generation speaking phrases such as "All of you are boring" and "I'll have the black ale."

So ... what do you think? Coolest dad ever? Or creepy fan dad who will turn his kid into a goth faster than you can say "Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam"?