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Maniac's new trailer analyzes best friend energy between Emma Stone and Jonah Hill

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Sep 14, 2018, 11:22 AM EDT

If you watched True Detective, you know that writer Cary Fukunaga has a tendency to understand the world and its inhabitants through a big-picture, galactic model. So it’s no surprise that the second trailer for his upcoming Netflix show Maniac, about Emma Stone and Jonah Hill’s characters undergoing specialized pharmaceutical treatment (at least on the surface), takes a turn for the cosmic.

Cosmic connections and intangible energies bring these two together throughout Justin Theroux’s prescribed drug trials, making the trippy, genre-hopping trip inside the mind even more odd — because no matter what version of themselves they see, they’ve got their bud with them.

It’s honestly very sweet and offers up Her vibes that should ground the off-the-wall series with some real emotion when things get too weird. That it will tap into depression and mental health with creativity and the strange metatext of genre-hopping in a streaming TV show only adds to the interesting gambles the show is making.

Maniac begins building cosmic bonds on Sept. 21.