Manu Bennett's Deathstroke is coming back to The CW's Arrow

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Apr 11, 2017, 9:02 AM EDT

UPDATE: So, Manu Bennett has now posted that he's "not going back for Arrow," though that's vague enough that we still don't really know what he means. Does he mean he's not coming back for that show, and might pop up in a different Arrowverse show? Or not coming back at all? Or perhaps he means Deathstroke isn't gunning for Arrow when he returns, and someone else (i.e. Prometheus)?

Give us your best guess, and our original post is below:

While Warner Bros. tries to figure out whether or not the studio will even use Deathstroke in its big-screen Batman, the definitive live-action version of Slade Wilson is making a comeback. That’s right: Manu Bennett is heading back to The CW’s Arrow.

Star Stephen Amell broke the news via Twitter, revealing a photo featuring Slade’s iconic mask lying on the ground. But arguably of even more interest is Amell’s note: “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” So … could a team-up between the Green Arrow and Deathstroke be in the offing to take out Prometheus? Or is he just referring to the fact that ratings are taking a dip? (I kid, I kid.)

Bennett’s Deathstroke was easily the best villain the series ever featured, and is among the best live action villains in pretty much all of comic book media. There’s perfect casting, then there’s Bennett as Deathstroke. The dude was born to play the role, and positively killed it (and a few of Oliver’s loved ones along the way). The character made a one-off return a while back to terrorize Oliver and Thea on Lian Yu and was hastily defeated and locked back up, but that episode was pretty terrible, so we’ll choose to just ignore that and hope they get Deathstroke back on track.

No word on exactly when he’ll show up, but it looks to be late in the season. Are you glad to see Bennett making a comeback?