Marc Guggenheim on turning the Legends of Tomorrow into time cops in Season 2

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Aug 24, 2016

The first season of Legends of Tomorrow was one big, fun, messy thrill ride. But with Season 2, producer March Guggenheim promises they’re heading in a whole new direction.

Guggenheim chatted with Collider about the development process for Season 2, and revealed the new season will pick up with a time jump of six months, and we’ll find the Legends functioning essentially as time cops, patrolling the timeline (a void left behind by The Time Masters). Guggenheim said that narrative device gives them a lot of options, and they take full advantage of that sandbox.

Here’s an excerpt from his comments on Season 2:

“The show has so many challenges, and certainly one of them has been that the show can be anything, so what’s it gonna be? That’s one of the reasons why we approach the season by figuring out, what is the team’s mission statement? What is the raison d’être of the show? Once you have that structure, that does help narrow your focus. We kind of knew what we wanted to do. We planted the seeds for this, at the end of last season, when in the season finale, Rip said, ‘The Time Masters are gone. Someone else needs to protect history.’ The Legends appointed themselves because we knew we wanted them to basically be acting as time cops. That’s fundamentally what they’re doing, and that structure, while loose, helps focus us…

When we pick up with them, it’s six months later and they’ve been policing time for six months. Everyone is in a little bit of a different place. Sara has a secret agenda that relates to the death of her sister on Arrow last year. Rip is a little lighter. He’s no longer as burdened by the death of his wife and son. Ray is really enjoying being a time cop. He’s the one who aspires the most to be a hero, and he really likes this new gig that they have. Jax has come into his own, as the engineer and chief mechanic of the Waverider. He’s carved out a place for himself on the team that’s separate and apart from his relationship with Stein. Stein has become the theoretician of the team. And Rory is basically just trying to white-knuckle his way through the whole experience. He cannot, for the life of himself, figure out what he’s doing, as a member of a superhero team.”

Guggenheim also reiterated we’ll be seeing a good bit of the Justice Society of America, as well as the Legion of Doom — though they’re giving those threads some breathing room — so you don’t have 60 characters all crammed into the same episode. Considering they could barely balance the cast last season, that’s probably a wise move. 

Legends of Tomorrow returns to The CW on Oct. 13. 

(Via Collider)

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