Marc Webb on what could've been in Amazing Spider-Man 3 and Sinister Six

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Aug 9, 2017, 11:38 AM EDT

New details about Sony’s aborted Amazing Spider-Man 3 and Sinister Six movies have emerged, and what stands out the most is the sheer amount of world-building that went into these failed projects.

Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb opened up about the plans the studio had for their slate of shared comic book movies (which included Venom, a movie that’s currently in the works with Tom Hardy as the titular character) before Amazing Spider-Man 2 became a critical and box-office failure and Sony worked out a deal handing over creative control of the webhead to Marvel (resulting in Tom Holland taking up the mantle, and the excellent Spider-Man: Homecoming).

In a recent interview with Den of Geek, Marc Webb revealed he wanted Chris Cooper to return to play the Green Goblin for Andrew Garfield’s third outing as the web-slinger:

"Yeah, we were talking about the Sinister Six. They were going to make a Sinister Six movie before we did the third one. But I wanted ... Chris Cooper was going to come back and play the Goblin. We were going to freeze his head, and then he was going to be brought back to life. And then there was that character called The Gentleman. We had some notions about how to do it, but I think maybe we were thinking too far ahead when we started building in those things. But it was a fun exercise. I look back very fondly on those days."

The director then went on to confirm Green Goblin was going to be the main villain in Amazing Spider-Man 3, after setting up the rogues in Sinister Six, and that they had discussed including a certain current Spider-Man: Homecoming villain in the mix:

"Well, that was going to be the main villain [Green Goblin]. He was going to come out and lead the Sinister Six. We had talked about Vulture a little bit too, actually ..."

Would you have loved to see Amazing Spider-Man 3 and Sinister Six, or are you happy with what Marvel Studios is doing with Peter Parker?

(via Den of Geek)