Marina Sirtis defends Enterprise finale as a fitting end for TNG

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Dec 16, 2012

In the wake of Jonathan Frakes' recent declaration that for him, Star Trek: Enterprise's series finale was "an unpleasant memory," actress Marina Sirtis has also come out on the controversial final episode. But instead of blasting it, she defends it as a fitting finale for ... The Next Generation.

In another of Star's lengthy interviews, the 56-year-old actress—who had to slip back into one of Counsellor Deanna Troi's skintight uniforms after 18 years in the role (and three years after Star Trek: Nemesis) in May of 2005 for the controversial Enterprise final episode ''These Are the Voyages''—said about the finale:

I don't know what the reaction to the episode was because I didn't see the episode. I don't watch myself, generally. I watch soccer and reruns of Law & Order and English shows on PBS and a few other things. But, at the time we did Enterprise, Jonathan Frakes and I realized that some of the cast were a little miffed that we were there, which I understand.

It kind of wasn't an Enterprise episode. They were holograms and Johnny and I were real. So it was like a TNG episode they were in. And I totally got that they were miffed that it wasn't a two-hour episode. Giving them their due, the cast were great to us. We knew a lot of them. We were friends with a lot of them. They never let their displeasure get in the way. They welcomed us.

The irony, to me, is that the very last scene shot was Jonathan and I walking off the holodeck. Jonathan and I were in the very first scene of TNG when we started shooting and then, however many years later, we were in the very final scene shot of Enterprise. So, in that way, for us, it was kind of a fitting finale.

Do you agree with Marina Sirtis that ''These Are the Voyages'' worked better as a bookend for The Next Generation rather than an Enterprise one?