Mark Hamill (and his emoji) blush at ‘Innocestuous’ Luke-Leia kiss from Episode IV

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Dec 17, 2018, 9:00 PM EST (Updated)

By now, it’s easy to take for granted Luke and Leia’s pre-jump Death Star kiss from the original Star Wars — an innocent moment of retconned brother-sister awkwardness that now fits comfortably into the storied franchise’s lore. 

But even four decades after Luke received that coveted peck on the cheek (“for luck,” as Carrie Fisher's Leia made clear), even Mark Hamill’s emoji avatar can’t look back without blushing at what, in hindsight, ended up as an averted family romance.

Reacting to Disney’s new Luke Skywalker emoji lineup, debuted as part of the Disney Emoji Blitz mobile matching game, Hamill zeroed in on Luke’s red-cheeked avatar for the way it struck a touchy, old-school Star Wars nerve:

It might’ve taken Han a minute longer than everybody else to finally grasp the situation in Return of the Jedi, but as we all know by now, everything turned out okay for the Skywalker twins. Leia kept the family Force strong by settling on a scoundrel — and not her own brother — as her galactic love interest, and with only one installment left to go in the Skywalker saga, the rest is (almost) history.

At least we got some sweet Luke Skywalker emojis out of the deal. To check out the rest of the new icons in Disney’s mobile game, head on over to the Emoji Blitz landing page.