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Mark Hamill compares Luke's Last Jedi death to that of a relapsed drug addict

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Dec 17, 2018, 7:00 PM EST (Updated)

We're fast approaching the one-year anniversary of Star Wars: The Last Jedi's theatrical release, and despite the many "controversies" surrounding Rian Johnson's sequel, one thing remains unimpeachably badass: Luke Skywalker's (Mark Hamill) final showdown with Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) on Crait.

As Ren tries very hard to kill his former master, Luke dodges the villain's lightsaber strokes with apparent ease without engaging in the fight himself. The twist is that the former Jedi Knight was never on Crait, but projecting a younger form of himself from the island of Ahch-To in order to give the Resistance a chance to escape. With this accomplished, Luke takes in the sunset before disappearing into nothingness, his cloak fluttering into the breeze.

Hamill took to Twitter to examine this moment under a new and interesting lens, comparing Skywalker's peaceful death to that of a relapsed drug addict.

"THE FORCE KILLED LUKE," wrote the actor. "You have to acknowledge the irony in his fate. Almost like an addict that kicked his habit cold-turkey, remained clean for decades, only to re-use just once & then, tragically, overdoses. #SadSkywalker #ForceFatality #JediJunkie."

While Luke is still incredibly powerful enough to project himself across the galaxy with a single thought, the strain of tapping into an energy source that he'd let atrophy within himself was just too much of a strain, resulting in his demise.

Hamill recently confirmed that Luke will return in Star Wars: Episode IX, which hits theaters on Dec. 20, 2019. Since he is dead, the only way that Luke can really return is in the form of a Force ghost or flashbacks. We thought we'd seen the last of Yoda (Frank Oz) in Return of the Jedi, but he surprisingly came back as an astral projection in Star Wars: The Last Jedi to teach Luke a valuable lesson.

What do you think of Hamill's analogy? How did you interpret Luke's death? Let us known in the comments!