Mark Hamill in Star Wars The Last Jedi

Mark Hamill discovered a tiny reminder of the late Carrie Fisher in a London hotel

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Mar 21, 2018, 1:01 PM EDT

It's safe to say that no Star Wars fan in the galaxy will ever forget the massive impact the late, great Carrie Fisher had on their lives. As an actress, a writer, and an altogether vibrant human being, she was an irreplaceable icon. If you were someone who knew her, the impact was even greater, but if you were a decades-old friend and onscreen sibling like Mark Hamill, it may have been greater still.

The entire Star Wars cast and crew publicly mourned Fisher after her untimely death in December of 2016, but Hamill's remembrances in particular have always stood out. He has spoken frequently and lovingly about his friendship with Fisher and her ability to both drive him crazy and make him laugh. Now that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in the midst of its home-video release — complete with a new documentary featuring both Hamill and Fisher — their relationship is once again in the spotlight. Watching the film on the big screen and seeing their final scene together was moving already, but watching them actually shoot it brings those emotions forward yet again.

Hamill is certainly well aware of this, and early Wednesday morning, Hamill tweeted from a hotel room in London, where a painting on the wall featured a small version of a very familiar silhouette. Yes, it seems Fisher and her iconic character never leave Hamill, even if they're only there in the abstract.

Obviously that's not a painting of Princess Leia, but the familiar bun-headed shape stood out to Hamill, and it's not hard to imagine Fisher looking down on him like a trickster goddess, making sure he took notice. We're not saying Fisher somehow put the painting there for Hamill to find (though who's to really say she didn't?), but Hamill's commemoration of the moment shows just how close he still feels to his space twin.

It's like Luke said in The Last Jedi: "No one's ever really gone."