Mark Hamill drops in on Star Wars fans riding Star Tours at Disneyland

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Nov 15, 2017, 11:37 AM EST

Imagine you're at Disneyland for the day, just doing the things everyone does at Disneyland: waiting in lines, eating Dole Whip, and trying to remember where the heck you parked when you finally sit down (yay!) to ride Star Tours. Then Luke Skywalker shows up.

That's what happened to at least one lucky group of passengers who got a surprise visit during the quick safety check Star Tours guides usually do before the ride starts. 

Answering any questions on who might be the rebel spy on this trip, Mark Hamill showed up to ride along with Star Wars fans and generally make everyone's day.

Except for one guy who looks a little ... confused. Maybe it's shock. It's not every day you end up taking an intergalactic trip with Luke Skywalker himself.

Hamill himself shared the video, saying that he'd finally achieved his lifelong dream of working at Disneyland. It's so nice to know that anyone can achieve their Disneyland dreams if they just keep believing.

Speaking of dreams, YouTubers Leo Camacho, Tiffany Mink, and Chris Villain were on that same shuttle and caught the visit from beginning to end. Granted, this was a bit of a setup, as they were asked to be there, but their reactions told me they didn't know who was going to be showing up, so the nerd glee is strong with these three.

(via Star Wars Underground)