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On his favorite moment voicing The Joker:"Oh I just remembered another thing where I got to sing a really creepy version of ‘Only You’, a capella. That wasn’t something I expected to do as Joker - sing a song. But the Joker is never boring to me because he’s crazy. And if you’re crazy, you are unpredictable and you never do anything the same way. I was surprised how much I loved playing that role."

Mark Hamill geeks out over 'lost' Batman: The Animated Series episode from Sega CD

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Dec 10, 2018, 12:10 PM EST

Celebrating its 25th anniversary at San Diego Comic-Con this year, the beloved and groundbreaking Batman: The Animated Series helped shape the Dark Knight for an entire generation of superhero fans. But even with the recent rerelease of the show’s run and the films that grew out of it, there are still a few deep cuts that only diehards know about. In fact, there are some so deep even voice actors on the show don’t know about them.

That was the case when Mark Hamill, voice actor for the Joker as well as being the Skywalker of our hearts, was clued into the so-called “lost episode” of the series. The episode is actually footage created for the Sega CD game The Adventures of Batman & Robin, but since the team behind the show put the cutscenes together with the same voice actors, fans of the show have dubbed it an honorary episode that’s so hard to find that it may as well be “lost.”

In fact, Hamill had never seen it before at all:

Hamill was clearly excited to find some yet-unseen villainy, especially in such a strange format as the 17-minute collection of scenes. However, Hamill’s Joker did use some bat-excremental language to burn Batman in Mask of the Phantasm, calling him “Guano Man.” But Hamill’s a busy guy and, frankly, doesn’t watch his own movies all the time:

Thanks to the internet, Hamill didn’t have to track down the Sega CD copy — which was the only version of the game to include all that voicework and animation — and was able to experience a blast from his prolific voice-acting past with the same mix of fascination and fandom as the rest of the Batman crowd.