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Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel

Mark Hamill hijacks Jimmy Kimmel's star on Hollywood Walk of Fame before getting his own star

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Mar 8, 2018, 11:37 AM EST

In anticipation of Mark Hamill's star ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles Thursday, Jimmy Kimmel asked Luke Skywalker to stop by his late-night talk show on Wednesday. However, the Star Wars star didn't pop by to sit on the couch, sip some coffee, and answer a few questions we already know the answers to. In a priceless segment, Kimmel called out the honor to be bestowed upon Hamill... before mentioning that he was right outside the studio. The feed then cut to Hamill in a construction-worker reflective vest, a maniacal smile on his face, as he jackhammered Kimmel's own star, which was installed in 2013. 

"I just picked out my spot for the star, I'm getting it ready for tomorrow," says the actor. When Kimmel points out that it's his star being jacked up, Hamill responds with "Not anymore" and suggests that Jimmy put his star in front of Hooters instead. When Kimmel refuses, Hamill changes tack, attempting to convince the talk-show host with a Jedi mind trick (and perfect Alec Guinness impression) that it isn't his star.

"I know what you're doing," retorts Kimmel. "The Jedi mind trick, that doesn't work, that only works in the movies."

"What movie?" asks Hamill.

"Star Wars!" answers a flustered Kimmel. 

"Exactly!" replies Hamill. "This is a star war and guess what, Jimmy? I'm winning!"

The actor only abandons his vandalism of Kimmel's star when the host reminds him that Donald Trump's star is right  across the street. 

Hamill himself seems awed and humbled by the Walk of Fame honor.  

"Never once in all my life did I EVER imagine that such a thing was possible," wrote Hamill in a tweet. "Wish you ALL could be there to share it with me. Oh wait... I guess you can! See you tomorrow! #JediDay #StreamBabyStream #BeThereANDBeSquare."

Hamill's Walk of Fame ceremony, co-hosted by George Lucas and Harrison Ford, will be held today at 11:30 a.m. PT in front of the El Capitan Theater. You can watch the livestream here.

The 66-year-old actor recently appeared at the Oscars with Last Jedi co-stars Kelly Marie Tran, Oscar Isaac, and BB-8 to present the awards for Best Animated Short and Best Animated Feature. Later in the show, he was tapped by host Kimmel to surprise a bunch of fans at a screening across the street with some snacks. During this outing, Hamill was seen introducing himself to Gal Gadot, and the moment quickly fired up the geek Twitterverse and went viral.