Turns out Mark Hamill hitting SDCC as Donald Trump in orange Vader mask was Fake News

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Jul 23, 2018, 10:47 PM EDT (Updated)

It's fair to say that Luke Skywalker, aka Mark Hamill, enjoys poking a little fun at Donald Trump from time to time. And it seems the Star Wars legend couldn't resist whipping his fans up into a frenzy, making them believe he was at it again on the last day of San Diego Comic-Con.

Here's what went down: One fan was misinformed when he was told that he'd posed with Hamill disguised as a Trump impersonator, wearing an orange Darth Vader mask, while playing golf and wearing a T-shirt that read: “Make the Death Star great again."

Pretty hilarious, but alas, it was all just fake news. 

Twitter user Brendan Bajillioz tweeted the picture, saying: "I was informed earlier today by a friend that I unknowingly took a photo of @HamillHimself during Comic-Con! Could it be true??"

Cheekily, Hamill later replied, "It's true... ALL of it."#OrangeVader #MyFinalDayAtSDCC2018".

It didn’t take long for other fans to post their selfies with the man they thought was Hamill either. 

But sadly for them, earlier today, Hamill came clean that it wasn't him under the orange-hued mask after all, as he re-tweeted a report from The San Diego Union-Tribune clearing things up.

Last year, Hamill got some laughs as he read out some infamous Trump tweets while doing his finest Joker voice from the DC Animated Universe. This year it appears The Joker got the best of him yet again.

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