Mark Hamill reveals he was 'horrified' by the Wampa scene in Empire Strikes Back

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:24 AM EDT (Updated)

Even though The Empire Strikes Back opened in theaters more than 37 years ago, there’s one scene from the movie that seemingly still horrifies Mark Hamill to this day.

The Star Wars actor, who is set to return as Luke Skywalker next month when The Last Jedi opens in theaters on Dec. 15, took to Twitter over the weekend to reveal which scene still makes him uneasy after nearly four decades.

If you'll recall, early in the movie, Luke gets captured on the snow-covered planet Hoth by a Yeti-like creature called a Wampa. At one point, he reaches for his lightsaber by using the Force and swings it to sever the creature’s arm and free himself. The thing is, Hamill claims that’s not exactly how it was supposed to happen.

When a Twitter user shared a picture of a cake showing off the Wampa’s severed arm for National Cake Day, Hamill wrote: “When filming scene I was assured my lightsaber swipe toward camera (creature not on set) would simply singe fur 2 scare him off. Horrified to later see amputation and unnecessary cruelty. Wampa was HUNGRY (not EVIL). Luke would never do this!”

Following Hamill’s tweet, another user pointed out that Hamill's account of the original scene was actually how it played out in the novelization penned by Donald F. Glut, based on the film's original screenplay. To which the actor replied: “My acting was much better in the book.”

What do you think of Hamill's revelation? Should the Wampa have suffered such a fate in The Empire Strikes Back