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Mark Hamill voices the first-ever Decepticon in clip from Transformers: Power of the Primes

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May 1, 2018, 3:02 PM EDT

Mark Hamill may be known for his on-screen role as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise, but a good majority of his career has actually been devoted to voiceover work. If you grew up terrified of the maniacal Joker on Batman: The Animated Series, you have Mr. Hamill to thank...or blame if his performance scarred you emotionally. His resume is quite extensive, spanning everything from Pinky and the Brain to Adventure Time to Regular Show and everything in between, and that's no joke. The dude certainly earned his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame back in March

Hamill's latest voice role allowed him to get villanous once again as Megatronus, the first-ever, Decepticon who was exiled from Cyberton after killing one of the first-ever Primes. The character is featured in Transformers: Power of the Primes, the third and final chapter of Hasbro and Machinima's web series, the Prime Wars Trilogy.

After Megatronus murders Optimus Prime, the rest of the Transformers rally around an unexpected leader, Megatron. With the main antagonist in possession of two Cybertonian artifacts of immense power — the Matrix of Leadership and Enigma of Combination — and in pursuit of the fabled Requiem Blaster, the good guys have their work cut out for them. 

SYFY WIRE has acquired a clip from the above-mentioned last installment, which features Hamill as well as Jaime King (Star Wars: The Clone Wars), who voices Solus Prime. Watch it below:

The final episode of the series dropped today on Verizon's go90 streaming service. It co-stars Ron Perlman (Hellboy), Wil Wheaton (The Big Bang Theory), Judd Nelson (The Breakfast Club), Kari Wahlgren (Rick and Morty), Gregg Berger (Grimlock from the 1986 animated film Transformers: The Movie), and Mikey Way (bassist for My Chemical Romance).