Mark Hamill weighs in on J.J. Abrams vs George Lucas and talks Star Wars' Luke Skywalker

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Feb 13, 2015, 4:48 PM EST

The man who voiced the Joker and played Trickster on The Flash, Mark Hamill, recently did a fun phone interview with Schmoes Know in which he offered up some interesting tidbits about his iconic role of Luke Skywalker on the Star Wars flicks — especially in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens — and revealed his (sometimes hilarious) opinions about George Lucas and J.J. Abrams.

First off, the George Lucas vs. J.J. Abrams debate, for all of us fanboys and gals, and whether J.J. is more of an “actor's director”:

“It’s interesting that this movie is the first of any of the titles helmed by the fan generation. Larry Kasdan is of course along for the ride (writer of EMPIRE and RETURN OF THE JEDI). George is more instinctive – the actor he chooses is so close to what he wants in his head.”

He elaborated a bit further on George Lucas’ way of directing and added:

“I would talk to George about say Luke and what he is feeling...Should I be jealous that this guy is hitting on the Princess?” George would say: “That’s interesting. We’ll talk about it later.” Which of course, we never would!”

And we all know how that turned out, right? Which in turn led to an interesting and funny exchange:

How is JJ different?

“JJ is much more upbeat – he loves the process.”

And Ken couldn’t help it… Did JJ ever tell you in directing to be “faster more intense?”

Which brought a big laugh to Mr. Hamill.

“No, but someone has been doing their homework.”

All this is very amusing, for sure, but let’s get to the meat of the matter, which are Mark Hamill’s views on Luke Skywalker. When asked where he saw Luke Skywalker “taking shape as Luke Skywalker” after Return of the Jedi, Hamill said:

“Well part of the answer to that question...The final chapter indicated Luke would be terribly conflicted and might give in to darker impulses. Maybe in the direction of betraying someone before realizing the error in his ways. I was completely wrong in that assumption.”

Is Hamill hinting at where things stand with our Jedi Knight and Master in The Force Awakens here? Probably, maybe. And when asked if he wouldn’t have played the character again, Hamill was all for it, as long as his co-stars Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher were also in on it:

“I would say that...When I thought about it, my first thought: Don’t try and toy with this. I wouldn’t go back if it wasn’t right. Perspective gives you scope. But George always envisioned this going on a long time and the characters aging. I wouldn’t have done this though unless Harrison and Carrie were involved.”

Mark Hamill, who also has a role in Kingsman: The Secret Service out today, had a lot more to say, and you can check it all out here, starting at around the 50-minute mark:

(via Schmoes Know)