Mark Millar is prepping a new Kingsman comic, and here's a first look

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Jun 1, 2017, 12:01 PM EDT (Updated)

Pretty much whatever Mark Millar makes seems to become a movie at some point, and now he’s prepping a new Kingsman story. You know, because Kingsman 3 is going to need a bit of inspiration. 

We don't know much about what Millar is cooking up, aside from a bit of sample art put together by up-and-coming artist Ozgur Yildirim and the fact that it’ll be a six-page story. With Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle opening wide in September, it’d be the perfect time for Millar to drop a companion story. But the real question is where it’ll show up. With something this short, it’s likely either an extra feature in a new Kingsman collection release or perhaps even a standalone story being sold to run in a magazine like the old days (which would actually be pretty cool).

With something this short, it'll be interesting to see how Millar crafts a story to fit the format. With the right approach, you'd think he could certainly make something memorable over just six pages, using the space limitations as a way to focus the story in a fresh way. Or maybe it's just a marketing tie-in to sell whiskey? Who knows.

Check out the sample art below, and we’ll keep you posted when Millar finally pulls back the curtain on this mystery Kingsman project.

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