Mark Millar's acclaimed, new sci-fi comic Chrononauts headed to the big screen

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Mar 20, 2015, 11:35 AM EDT

Mark Millar churns out awesome comics, and Chrononauts is another stellar entry in the catalog. If there was ever a comic written for the big screen, it's this one.

With the first issue still fresh on comic store shelves, Universal has optioned the time-traveling adventure comic-book mini-series from Mark Millar (Kick-Ass) and artist Sean Gordon Murphy. Chris Morgan (Wanted, Fast & Furious 6) is already locked in to produce, while Millar and Murphy will stick around to executive-produce.

The comic is basically Back to the Future meets an action movie, and if that's not a movie pitch made in heaven, we don't know what is. It follows two good-looking science bros who travel through time and get into shenanigans. The first issue, published by Image Comics, is already garnering some positive buzz and riding a wave of positive reviews.

Just looking at the creative team behind this project, we'd be shocked if it didn't jump-start into development relatively soon. Morgan is a proven commodity thanks to the Fast & Furious franchise, while Millar is the mind behind cult hit Kick-Ass and the acclaimed action spy tale Kingsman: Secret Service. That last one posted serviceable numbers in the U.S., with $109 million against an $80 million budget, but did gangbusters internationally, with a full $169 million. So, yeah, these guys are relatively safe bets for Universal at this point.

If they can pull it off, this one certainly has the potential to hit that super-fun sweet spot between sci-fi, comic-book movies and straight-up action. Do you think Chrononauts is a good fit for a film?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)