Mark Ruffalo Hulks out without gamma rays!

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Jun 25, 2015

As writer/director Joss Whedon's Marvel mashup The Avengers starts filming this week in New Mexico, Mark Ruffalo took time out to get into character without the benefit of gamma radiation (or CGI) to reveal that his Hulk (following Eric Bana's and Edward Norton's turns) will have "a couple of lines" in The Avengers.

After a boisterous bit of "Hulk SMASH!" with a pair of Hulk Smash Hands while talking to MTV News, Ruffalo said that "they'll be memorable lines." And that "one of them, actually, is very memorable."

This means that Ruffalo's Hulk will be speaking lines written by Joss Whedon, the guy who has written some of the snappiest, most quotable movie and TV lines of the past decade and a half, or so!

What do you think the line will be? A Xander-like quip? In Hulk speak? A Mal Reynolds-like observation on life? In Hulk speak?

Via (via The Mary Sue)

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