Mark Ruffalo reveals the Hulk was cut from Captain America: Civil War. Here's why.

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Sep 5, 2015, 7:50 PM EDT (Updated)

For months now, we’ve been waiting with bated breath to see whether Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) would be returning for Captain America: Civil War. With the character disappearing from the Avengers’ radar at the end of Age of Ultron, everyone’s been eager to learn where the “other guy” was heading, and where he actually landed.

However, looks like Marvel is going to make us wait a while for that resolution.

While doing the press rounds for his new movie Spotlight, Ruffalo told Italian website Bad Taste that the Hulk was originally included in the Civil War script, but was ultimately cut from Cap's (Chris Evans) third not-so-solo flick. has published the original Italian quote, as translated by Google Translate. Which makes for a fun read:

“Because it's still missing is not known where. I thought that I would be in the film, but in the end evidently believe that reveal what happened Hulk is something too big, and Marvel wants to use this information later. My character had been inserted in the script, but then it was taken away. Who knows, maybe Hulk will never return. However, they want to keep the revelation of what happened a secret, because it is something really big.”

Here's the same quote, nicely cleaned up by Superhero Hype:

“The reason is too great to be revealed in this movie (Civil War),” Ruffalo tells “I was in the script but then they removed my character. They don’t want to reveal where is he and why. I don’t even know if Hulk will be back soon.”

So, no green guy for Captain America: Civil War, then. It’s a bit of a bummer in my book, but the news doesn’t really come as a surprise, either.

However, I think it’s interesting to note that A) they originally planned to have him in the third Captain America film (maybe as a cameo?) and that B) the revelation as to where the Hulk has been/will be is too big of a thing in Marvel's eyes to add it to the already crowded Civil War. Let’s cross our fingers he’ll at least return for the first part of Avengers: Infinity War for more "Hulk, Smash!"

Do you guys have any theories as to where Hulk has gone? 

(Superhero Hype via Comic Book)

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