Mark Ruffalo says standalone Hulk movie 'will never happen'

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Jul 17, 2017, 9:55 AM EDT

It seems Mark Ruffalo has finally reached the limit for how many times he can be asked about the odds for a new, standalone Hulk movie. Long story short: Hang it up, folks.

While speaking with reporters at D23, Ruffalo (who portrays Bruce Banner/The Hulk in the MCU) said in no uncertain terms that another Hulk movie is not in the cards. Putting it more bluntly, he wanted to make it “perfectly clear” that a standalone Hulk movie “will never happen.” Can’t get much clearer than that, can it?

So why is Marvel Studios leaving all that money on the table? Ruffalo had an answer for that, too. He reiterated that Universal still holds the rights to a potential Hulk film, and the studio doesn’t “know how to play well with Marvel,” and also doesn’t “want to make money.” Ouch.

For what it’s worth, Marvel seems resigned to this fact, and is obviously taking steps to use Hulk as much as possible in every other conceivable project that’s not a standalone movie — hence Ruffalo’s major role in Thor: Ragnarok and how much he’ll factor into the next couple Avengers flicks. Marvel is sidestepping the issue as much as possible, so even if he’s not headlining, there’ll still be plenty of Bruce Banner to go around.

Would you prefer a little bit of Hulk in a lot of movies, or another movie of full-on Hulk?

(Via Variety)