Mark Strong wants Green Lantern 2 to chronicle Sinestro's fall

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Dec 16, 2012

Bad reviews and lackluster box office aside, it looks like Green Lantern may yet get a sequel. We don't know when we might see it or what it could be about, but co-star and villain extraordinaire Mark Strong has one idea: Let Sinestro take the lead.

Strong is busy promoting his upcoming flicks Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and John Carter at the moment. When he got a question about a Green Lantern sequel, his first reaction was simple surprise that a sequel could even happen.

"Have they announced it?" Strong asked when an interviewer brought up the idea. When it was confirmed it has been talked about, Strong responded like this:

"I think they'd like to. It didn't make the money that they wanted it to make."

But setting aside the simple puzzlement over the sequel possibility, Strong did concede that a sequel could work if it absolutely blew the first picture out of the water.

"But I think what they've done, they feel they have a property that is interesting enough if they get it right. And now the advertising, the groundwork has been laid with the first one, and I think they genuinely feel, because the second one, I think, exists in written form, they feel they have something that could work," he said. "Having said all that, I've heard absolutely nothing, and I have no idea whether they will go again, but I know there are two schools of thought. One, that it didn't work, it didn't make the money, so we don't make another one, and the other school of thought is: 'Imagine we made a really, really good second movie. It could fly.'"

So, what if it does happen? At the end of the first flick, we got a teaser of Sinestro's turn to the evil side of power ringdom. Does Strong want that to continue into the next flick, following the path of the acclaimed Sinestro Corps War comic book story?

"Sure, yeah, because I got into the mythology of Green Lantern. I read all the comic books, or as many as I could, and I slightly got hooked. I got into that character. And if the second movie is exploring his fall, then I'd be very interested, yeah."

Pitting Hal Jordan against Sinestro is definitely fertile territory, and Strong has certainly made a name for himself as a movie villain. With him in the role of archnemesis, would a Sinestro-heavy Lantern sequel work?

(Via Crave)

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