Mars, and the Moon Hoax

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Nov 1, 2005

So last night I took my telescope out for the trick-or-treating kids to see Mars, and it was fun, kinda. Mars is too low in the sky, and the thick air was making it fuzzy. Plus, my 'scope isn't designed to look at planets, so it was a bit too small to be really impressive. Still, a lot of kids thought it was pretty cool. I therefore consider that I accomplished my mission.

However, the 'scope is big, and I think I wrenched my neck taking it out, and it's hard to type because looking down makes my neck ache. So instead of a long essay today, I'll just say, changing the subject, that I had no idea that Wikipedia had a Moon hoax entry. It's not bad, and is worth a read. They link to my site, which is cool, but I don't remember ever calling myself a "battle-axe of Science". I guess it's better than a mace, or a codpiece.

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