Mars, up close and personal

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Oct 3, 2006

A couple of weeks ago I promised to have images from the HiRISE camera now that Mars

Express Reconnaissance Orbiter has reached its mapping orbit-- the image above is one! It's a crater on Mars from HiRISE compared to the Mars Orbiter Camera on board the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft, until now the highest resolution camera sent to Mars. Look at the difference!

The HiRISE site has lots more images, and you can also see more on the NASA site, and also on this NASA page.

I'm afraid I'm short on time right now, so I can't spend more time on this, but there will be lots more to discuss as more fantastic images come in!

Hat tip to cyclotram for the side-by-side picture heads up. Also, thanks to the many commenters who pointed out my brain cloud, calling MRO the ME. It's fixed now.

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