The Martian's Andy Weir reveals details on his new crime novel set on the moon

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Apr 28, 2016, 12:27 PM EDT

Best-sellling author of The Martian Andy Weir is hopping a literary shuttle to the moon for his next sci-fi novel.  In an interview with Smithsonian Magazine, Weir addressed the topic of his latest creative endeavor, a crime story set on a lunar base featuring a female thief conducting daring crimes on the moon.  Here's what the writer had to say about the plot of his untitled new book:

I don’t take part in any political debates. So I’m certainly not trying to make a point by having a female lead. She’s just a character I came up with that I thought was cool, so she’s the lead.  The book is another scientifically accurate story. The main character is a low-level criminal in a city on the moon. Her challenges are a mix of technical/scientific problems, as well as juggling personal interactions—staying a step ahead of the local police, working with shady and dangerous people to do illegal things.  She doesn’t encounter any distinctly “female” challenges. There’s no love plot. And the story takes place in a future society where there is practically no sexism.


This latest sci-fi thriller will no doubt be snatched up by Hollywood if it hasn't already happened, especially when his self-published debut book, The Martian, became an international film phenomenon in the capable hands of director Ridley Scott and screenwriter Drew Goddard, garnering multiple awards and raking in a cool $630 million in global-box office receipts.  No completion time table or official publication release date has been set for the upcoming novel, but we'll keep you posted on any new developments.

Any suggestions for what Weir's new moon-based crime book should be called?

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