Cargo trailer finds Martin Freeman surviving the zombie apocalypse Down Under

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Mar 31, 2018, 4:22 PM EDT (Updated)

And we thought The Walking Dead could get bleak. Fresh from the same production team that spun The Babadook into a surprise horror hit, Down Under thriller Cargo is out with with a new trailer that looks set to breathe new life into the zombie formula with a stark and pensive Australian Outback vibe.

Starring Martin Freeman (Black Panther, Captain America: Civil War) as Andy, Cargo looks seriously harrowing. The movie pits Andy in a 48-hour race against the clock before the virus that infected him halts his quest to find a home for (yes) his precious cargo: Rosie, his soon-to-be-fatherless infant child.

With Kay, his wife, already dead from an attack on their houseboat (there goes that idea as a go-to refuge for zombie holdouts), Andy and Rosie must negotiate with a reluctant Aboriginal tribe — not only for Rosie’s safekeeping, but perhaps a cure for Andy’s virus as well.

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As the clip suggests, there’s more at stake than just the safety of Andy and his daughter.

“As Andy's fate becomes intertwined with that of a young indigenous girl,” explains Causeway Productions’ synopsis, “he comes to view her as his safe passage into this sacred community. Unfortunately, the girl has no desire to return to her people – she is on a quest to cure her infected father by returning his stolen soul. In their own way, each of them is seeking salvation… but they will need to work together if they truly hope to achieve it.”

Written by Yolanda Ramke, and directed by Ramke and Ben Howling, Cargo is a feature-length expansion of the duo’s eponymous 2013 short film, which went on to become a viral hit. With its revamped cast and more deliberately paced storyline, the big-screen version of Cargo is headed to Australian theaters on May 18.