Martin worried he can't write books fast enough for TV Thrones

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Dec 17, 2012

George R.R. Martin has been writing A Song of Ice and Fire books for two decades, but with HBO's hit series Game of Thrones gaining steam, he's a bit worried the series might catch up to the books too soon—maybe even before he writes the finale himself.

The book-based series has become one of HBO's biggest hits, meaning more seasons will likely be coming sooner rather than later. Martin said he's aware of the potential timing issues, and plans to ramp up work on the back half of the fantasy series. But the worst-case scenario is that the book and the TV series wrap up at about the same time:

"I am aware of the TV series moving along behind me like a giant locomotive, and I know I need to lay the track more quickly, perhaps, because the locomotive is soon going to be bearing down on me. The last thing I want is for the TV series to catch up with me. I've got a considerable headstart, but production is moving faster than I can write. I'm hoping that we'll finish the story at about the same time ... we'll see."
Martin admitted that he's actually been quite busy trying to keep the literary side a step ahead, in addition to working with HBO on the hit series:
"I'm working on [the next book], and a number of Ice and Fire related things at the same time. Not only The Winds of Winter, which is Book 6, but we're also coming out with a big concordance called The World of Ice and Fire, which is about the whole history of Westeros and will be lavishly illustrated. So I've been filling in some of the histories of the kings who ruled 200 years ago or 500 years ago. We've also been doing a map book, and I'm working on a new novella about Dunk and Egg, the prequel series I have. It's a slow process the way I write, especially books of this size that are as large and complex as they are. It's still a slow process."
The second season of the series, based on the book A Clash of Kings, recently finished airing. A third season, based on the third book in the series, A Storm of Swords, is already in the works.

What do you think: Would you like to see the books wrap up before the show, or both wind down together?

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