Marty McFly's self-lacing sneakers from BttF? They're finally REAL

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Dec 15, 2012

One of the coolest advancements in technology from 1989's Back to the Future II? No more pesky shoelaces. Well, the future starts today as Nike plans to unveil their awesome power-lacing Air Mags to barefoot sci-fi fans around the world.

21st century Marty McFly sure had some wonderful toys—a radical Mattel hoverboard, a refreshing Pepsi Perfect and one badass pair of Nike hi-tops that laced themselves! Many a marketing genius watched that moment in a darkened theater and heard the distant sound of cash register chimes, imagining a day when clandestine government think-tanks would discover a way to make those beautiful shoes a reality. Flashforward to 2011, when tonight in Los Angeles Nike execs reveal what was once only a dream in a sequel's screenplay.

In 2010, Nike filed papers for a patent on an automatic lacing system for athletic shoes inspired by the set on McFly's feet in the movie and now their birth has arrived. The interweb was all aflutter yesterday when BttF producer Frank Marshall tweeted about something big on its way related to Back To The Future, along with a video link displaying a whole Raiders-like storeroom of gleaming Air-Mags on racks. The secret is mere hours away. Spend it doing your best Doc Brown imitation for your geek friends.

So toss out your shoelaces, charge up the flux capacitor and get ready to party like it's 2015. Now outta my way—those size-11 Air Mags have my name on them.

(via Tech Crunch)